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Tao of Touch

REBALANCING BODYWORK - Medium pressure, rhythmic Swedish massage that balances mind, body, soul and spirit by inviting the body to let go of daily tensions and reconnect with its natural rest and rejuvenation state.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - Customized full body massage that allows you to choose the essential oil, including chocolate, the pressure and the focus to facilitate your entrance into a blissful, soothing state.

DEEP MASSAGE - Firm pressure, deep massage that invites muscle to relax one layer at a time, as chronic muscular tension is released, restrictions freed up and areas of discomfort relieved.

MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE - Soothing stretches and deep massage that works the connective tissues sheathing the muscle fibers to release chronic patterns of bracing against stress and create more space inside the body.

Orthopedic Outcome Based Massage - Specific techniques to work tendons and ligaments, promote healing and reduce pain of strains, sprains and overuse.

SPORTS MASSAGE - Customize massage that works active muscles to keep them supple; flushes out lactic acid and metabolic waste produced by physical training; reduces soreness and adhesions; accelerates recovery.

HEALING STONE THERAPY - Full body, comforting massage using heated and cooled stones to coax sore and tired muscles into letting go and induce a state of balanced peace.

FOOT MASSAGE - A massage just for your tired feet! Begin with a comforting soak in a refreshing foot bath scented with the aroma therapy essence of your choice. Then receive a full hour of massage and relexology treatment for your feet to simulate the nerve endings of all body systems and send healing energy throughout your body.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE - "The Baby Bliss Massage"- a unique side-lying, fully supported massage that nurtures both the mother and the child.

THE UNWINDING - Experience the ultimate in letting go; take your breaks off and move with your primal energy to release old blocks and traumas and naturally heal your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Integrated Massage Therapy incorporates:

  • Swedish Relaxing Massage
  • Deep Tissue Healing Massage,
  • Myofascial Connective Tissue Release, and
  • Healing Energy
  • Orthopedic Outcome Based Massage

Each session is uniquely personalized to respond to your individual needs and bring about your connection with your own Inner Healer.

Flowing Energy

REIKI - An ancient and sacred healing technique that energizes all seven chakras in a sacred circle through the channeling of the universal life force to reduce stress, clear your mind, restore your soul, activate your spirit, renew your energy and rebalance your entire being by inducing a deep calm meditative state.

Peaceful Mind

MEDITATION - The practice of centering and returning to your focal point to let go of thoughts and calm the mind/body. Meditation provides a lowering of blood pressure and harmonizing of body/mind.

Special Services

CORPORATE SEATED CHAIR - Special 15 minute seated chair massage done at your place of business that focuses on the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands - all the spots where the stresses of work and the tensions of computer work accumulate.

MOBILE MASSAGE - MY PLACE OR YOURS? - All Touch Therapies are available to be performed in the comfort of your own home. Just ask for Mobile Massage.

MASSAGE PARTIES - SHARE THE BLISS WITH YOUR FRIENDS - Why not invite a few friends over for a massage party? Each friend will receive a 30 minute massage at your location and if you invite 7 or more friends & your massage is free!

FULL CIRCLE MASSAGE CLUB - Sign up for a massage a month and receive a $10 discount on each massage, including Healing Stone Massage.

KIDS' MASSAGE - A special 15 minute, fully clothed seated chair massage designed just for kids because they have stress, too!

LOVING TOUCH - learn the art of massage with or for your significant other and bring a whole new dimension to your relationship.

MEN'S MASSAGE - One hour full body massage that combines sports massage and myofascial stretching techniques with deep work to produce a restored body/mind.


EDEN MASSAGE - Experience a revitalizing massage in the Meditation Garden and reconnect with nature while you renew your body-mind.

MOONLIGHT MASSAGE - A nocturnal healing experience in the light of tiki torches - massage under the moon and the stars in the Meditation Garden for the ultimate indulgence.

RELAXATION HOUR - turn rush hour into relaxation hour, stop by for a 30 minute massage instead of sitting in traffic!

AFFIRMATION/GUIDED IMAGERY MASSAGE - what are you working on? Use your relaxed, open state to plant image seeds of your life intentions and desires in your subconscious and promote self-confidence and self-actualization.

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