Benefits of Massage Therapy and Energy Work

Enhances General Health

As a component of your wellness plan, massage helps keep your body-mind functioning optimally. It improves circulation of blood and lymph, relaxes muscles and stretches connective tissues, improves immune functioning and encourages general relaxation and renewal of your entire body-mind.

Relieves Common Physical Problems

As a therapeutic modality, massage alleviates general muscular tension and aches, releases tension headaches, soothes back pain and reduces stress and anxiety.

Supports Your Fitness Program

As a part of your quest for fitness, massage relieves tired, sore muscles, improves flexibility, and speeds recovery from work-out sessions.

Eases Effects of Aging

As a regular part of your life, massage keeps body tissues functioning in a more youthful state, enhances tissue elasticity , muscle tone and joint flexibility, improves blood and lymph circulation, promotes healthy, vital skin, removes aches and pains and improves immune system functioning.

Balances Energy

Subtle energy techniques calms the mind, soothes and aligns the energetic and physical bodies and brings about a deep sense of well-being and opens and attunes your body, mind, soul and spirit to the healing forces of life.

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